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Speedy Tuesday - BaselWorld 2018 Omega Speedmaster PredictionsUnfortunately, a lot of brands currently already bombard our mailboxes with pre-SIHH and pre-BaselWorld releases. Therefore we know what's coming, some times we even receive invitations to come and have a look before one of many big shows, to try and do our personal photography. To tell the truth, we favor the 'being surprised' a tad bit more, as with the previous days, when press kits were a binder with a bit of spec sheets and actual photos.Some brands don't share whatsoever before the show, fake rolex or at best only minor things ahead of time. Sometimes it may be useful, to do some preparation because keep in mind that basically state that there's almost no time during SIHH and BaselWorld to take a seat and do a proper write-up.Although we already received some 'under embargo' materials to the upcoming BaselWorld in the future, we didn't from Omega. Being Speedmaster nuts ourselves (I speak for the whole Fratello team), we are very curious what surprise Omega has in store for many people. Let's use a try.Speedmaster Racing?A straightforward guess would be to have a look at certain years. 1958 is special of course, but not with regard to a specific Speedmaster. Back then, the CK2915 used to be produced and that is something Omega already celebrated not too long ago (which we like therefore we got a new few ourselves likewise). Here are enough time distinctive line of Speedmasters: 1963 will be 55 in the past, that literally brings us for the Third generation of Speedmaster replica watches, the 105.003. May very well be, however, not convincing enough. Let's move 5yrs replica rolex ahead, 50 years ago on time. Omega came up with the Racing. However, there's a little bit of confusion there (at the least for people), as we also see Racing mixers were produced before 1968. However, the Racing is something we would definitely love to see happening sooner or later. But it really must be said, that there already was one in 2004 for that Japan market and we're pretty sure that Omega wouldn't re-issue that exact same model.Somehow I don't think that Omega will work a re-issue, like they did together with the Mark II in 2014 or 60th anniversary of not too long ago. Another interesting 1968 idea will be the caliber 861 introduction, but obtaining the caliber 1861 since over 20 years now and do not doing anything to celebrate the 861 (to my knowledge), I would not see something in this regard either. A number of people approached us via email to inquire about whenever we think if Omega can do another Snoopy re-issue. Although I will be fairly certain they just don't (once i find any circumstance to get this done), it lets you do show how powerful the 2015 relieve the Snoopy Silver Edition was.50th AnniversaryBut I actually do believe that 50 is a superb number to celebrate anything. Let's check out the area missions. Another 5 years, Omega is releasing an Apollo XI exclusive edition. The last one was very neat, with all the titanium case and Sedna gold bezel. This became in 2014, celebrating the 45th anniversary on the Moonlanding. We addressed this Speedmaster here and here. We predict full force Apollo XI stuff the coming year, to the 50th anniversary. What actually transpired to NASA in 1968?Apollo 8 obviously! It was the 2nd manned spaceflight Apollo mission by NASA, with up to speed Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders. Apollo 8 was already released in 1968. Only in December (21st), so very late in the year, but still 1968. Being the primary Apollo flights, it experienced a great deal of 'first' generally speaking. To be the first Apollo mission for be launched from Kennedy Space Center by way of example, but also the first flight where the astronauts orbited the Moon, see Earth entirely, witness the Earth rise and - here referring - begin to see the far side in the Moon. Or down side.Now, in 2013, Omega introduced the Speedmaster Down side with the Moon. This watch was the 1st Speedmaster made out of ceramic (black) and in accordance with Omega's PR material, a clear connection to Apollo 8 where astronauts saw the negative side on the Moon themselves the very first time. According to Omega "It was the adventures as well as the accomplishments with the Apollo 8 astronauts that inspired this model.". Although never marketed because 45th anniversary edition for Apollo 8, it did commemorate the astronauts from that mission.Apollo 8Sure, Apollo 7 also was held in 1968, consider Apollo 8 reached some important milestones with the targeted moon landing (Apollo 11), I only say Apollo 8. What / things Omega do today to celebrate the Apollo 8 mission having a Speedmaster? Perhaps you may remember, there was clearly already a mission patch model in 1998 from the Missions Case that individuals showed to your account here and here.Apollo 8 Mission Watch via WatchUseekA regular Moonwatch model using a caliber 1861 movement with an Apollo 8 mission patch about the 9 o'clock sub dial. Considering the previous couple of Apollo limited editions, More than likely Omega is reaching beyond that.However the mission patch shows the Apollo 8 mission orbiting Earth and Moon, it is extremely ugly i can't suppose that this is adult size on the dial for example, such as the Apollo XVII coin dial model. However, I can see this mission patch being put like a medallion on the case back of any watch. In bas relief or perhaps for an engraving.Dark Side - Black Apollo 8The Disadvantage from the Moon was - perhaps is still - a huge success. A black watch isn't a fad replica hublot skeleton watches , it truly is not going anywhere soon. Seek out example at the Seamaster Planet Ocean DeepBlack. Specifically a limited edition, a black watch can be be extremely attractive. Furthermore Speedmaster collectors, who will be now only in a position to select the Down side on the Moon a treadmill of its variations to spice up their Moonwatch collection. So, my guess would have been a full black Speedmaster Professional 'Moonwatch' model.Via Pinterest (c) Time TitansWe have showed that you customized DLC Speedmaster Pro in past times here and i believe it appears cool. However, Omega will not be conducting a DLC, I am sure they'd select ceramic including the Bad side on the Moon and Deepblack model. A 42mm Speedmaster Professional with manual-wind movement entirely ceramic.Not as shown as above, but that's what sort of black Speedmaster appears to be. I can't think of Omega conducting a ceramic sort of that bracelet, thus i reckon we will have its own NATO strap or leather strap instead, or possibly a fabric strap much like the Disadvantage in the Moon. It also really should not be a copy in the Disadvantage with the Moon in my view, so inside my best imagination it ought to incorporate some small details which make it look more 'special' or more 'commemorating' Apollo 8 than the regular Disadvantage. A Sedna bezel can be cool as an example, however that has been through with the Apollo XI 45th edition. I am a lousy photoshop user, and so i am not trying, however you can go quite far with configuring a black Speedmaster Professional . montblanc generation watches I guess we must hold off until Thursday March 22nd, as well as with Omega at 9am to see their 2018 replica watches. Be sure to keep with us tomorrow, here and also on our Instagram feed.Frank Borman, Bill Anders and Jim Lovell through Apollo Image Gallery